STOP THE GENOCIDE IN OGADEN                                                                               Oct 27, 2016


The Ogaden Somali Community of Alberta Residents (OSCAR), is condemning in the strongest terms several massacres perpetrated by the Ethiopian army against civilians in numerous villages in the Ogaden region, and is calling on the international community to likewise condemn these heinous acts and come to the help of the region’s beleaguered population.

On several occasions, the Ethiopian army swept, indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed civilians and in the ensuing bloodbath killed thousands of innocent people, among them women and children. The Ethiopian forces torched a number of villages and razed it to the ground.

While some of the villagers managed to escape the carnage, the Ethiopian army abducted more hundreds of village elders. Their whereabouts are unknown. Sadly, the most recent attack is but part of a seemingly wider strategy of the Ethiopian central government to terrorize and instil fear among the population living along the country’s borders with Somalia and Kenya.

Numerous attacks similar to the most recent one have been perpetrated by the Ethiopian army over the last couple of months. For instance, Ethiopian forces together with the infamous Liyu Police, a proxy militia, had destroyed the village of Lababar in February 2016, killing more than 300 civilians. Many wounded civilians who managed to run away to the fields, are scattered and hiding in the fields to the present day. Some of the villagers and many children are still unaccounted for.

The Ethiopian army has sent reinforcements and are currently occupying villages along the border. This is an indication that the army intends to commit more massacres in order to create fear and stem any reaction from the local communities. Just two months ago, the Ethiopian army massacred civilians in Dhaacdheer and Gaxandhaale villages near Galadi town in Wardheer region, killing scores of civilians.

In February 2016, the Ethiopian army and the Liyu Police militia destroyed Lababar village near Shilaabo, killing more than 300 civilians and destroying the whole community in order to clear areas near the Jeexdin (Calub) Gas fields. In similar aggression the Ethiopian army killed many civilians near Bur-Ukur, Ferfer, Beledwayne and Hudur areas at the end of last year.

After committing crimes intended to extinguish the spirit and the humanity in Ogaden, Oromia, Amara and all communities in Ethiopia, the regime is now increasingly targeting other peoples along its borders and other neighbouring countries, especially those along the Somalia and Kenyan borders.

The current marshal law the Ethiopian regime announced in the other part of Ethiopia has been in Ogaden for over 50 years. There has been economic blockade as well. No international or local media who has access in Ogaden and humanitarian and human rights groups there.

The Ogaden Somali Community of Alberta Residents (OSCAR), condemns the action of the Ethiopian regime and calls upon all peoples and parties in the Horn of Africa and the international community to condemn this heinous act and come to the aid of the affected innocent civilians.

The Ogaden Somali Community of Alberta Residents (OSCAR), is strongly condemning the actions of the Ethiopian army and calling upon the international community to hold the Ethiopian Government accountable for these actions, demand that such repressions are halted and take Ethiopia’s poor human rights record into account when engaging in trade or other exchanges with its authorities.


Ogaden Somali Community.


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