The stiff resistance and revolutionary apprising against the ruling party in most of the Amhara region forced the ruling party to mobilize its troops from relatively green zone to red zone. In addition to moving troops from other parts of the country to the Amhara region, Abbay Media sources confirm that the ruling party, as we speak, is building up additional military battalions to suppress and silence the Amhara resistance by force.

Meanwhile Abbay Media military sources witnessed the deployment of the 46th Regiment to Gonder where the region dubbed by many the bedrock of Amhara resistance. In the other hand, the 17th Regiment is settled in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Even though the Ethiopian government declares state of emergency to quash the resistance by the people, in the Amhara region, regular citizens are taking up their firearms and ambush government troops everywhere.

As a result, according to some military experts and politicians, the government troops pulled out from Somalia two days ago might be heading to the Amhara region to control the situation by any means necessary.


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