A group of students were arrested in Awaare, Ogaden region of Ethiopia.

More than 100 Students and youth in Awaare district were arrested on Wednesday 5 May 2010.

The Ethiopian security forces in the region Says the group of students were members of the liberation movement in the region. A senior Members of the Administration in Awaare were also among the arrested.

Mr Awke Seed

Miss Asha Dayib

Miss Deka Badal

Miss Dayiba Ahmed

Mr Warsame Olaad

Mr Kaafi Badal

Mr Shiine Cabdi dheere

Mr Wese Abdi Sultan

Miss Anab Nuure

Mr Badal Haaji Daahir

are some of the names that reached Our desk.

An Eye witness reported to ONA that this students and youth were beaten and tortured extensively, some other source confirmed to our news reporter that the prisoners were transferred to Jail Ogaden in Jigjiga and to Harar underground prisons.

Ogaden News Agency







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