OYSU’s third worldwide conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany between December 29th and 1st January 2017. Delegates from around the world discussed a number of critical issues relating to the situation in the Ogaden region, particularly concerning the current humanitarian crisis. Poverty remains rampant in the Ogaden due to droughts and the inhumane economic blockade imposed on the region by the Ethiopian government since 2007; the same year that international and humanitarian organisations were expelled from the region whilst the Liyuu police militia and the Ethiopian government intensified their human rights abuses against civilians.

OYSU is a non-profit youth organization established in Denmark- June 2010  to advocate for the rights of people in the Ogaden region, it monitors, reports and educates international agencies of the violations and abuses in the Ogaden. Ogaden Youth and Students Union was founded on the fundamental principle that all human beings are born equal and have a right to live in peace, dignity and freedom, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and gender free of prejudice and discrimination.

 This firm stance has been reinforced by more than decades of suffering of the Ogaden people who have been denied all fundamental Human Rights by successive Ethiopian regimes since the Ogaden was transferred to Ethiopia in 1948. These regimes delegated the ruling of the Ogaden to the occupation army of Ethiopia, which violated the Human Rights of the Ogaden people with impunity and deliberately marginalized the Somali people. This resulted in depopulation, underdevelopment and exodus of more than a million Ogaden Somalis to all parts of the world.

 During this conference, delegates critically engaged in thought provoking discussions on relevant topics to do with raising the political awareness of the youth through various mediums as well as intensifying current advocacy activities. During the conference, delegates reaffirmed and reiterated the important need to put an end to the suffering of Ogaden people and the need for an urgent solution.

OYSU which stands for the rights of Ogaden Somali people in Ethiopia urges


  • The Ethiopian Government to lift the Blockade in and around the Ogaden to provide free and unfettered access to all international and humanitarian organisations
  • Commit to continuing previous peace efforts initiated by the Kenyan government
  • Donors such as the US, EU and UK to utilize their influence and intervene in the critical and dire situation in the Ogaden region.
  • African Union and neighbouring countries to pay close attention to this longstanding human rights situation in order to speed the process of resolving this conflict.

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