It’s unwise for the Somali and Oromo people to get involved in a boarder conflict artificially created and orchestrated by the TPLF for its own ultimate benefits. The Oromo and the Somali people lived together for many millennia and share a single Cushitic ancestry. They also share language and culture. There are Somali clans like the Garrii and the Ajuraan and others whose language isn’t Somali but Afaan Oromoo.

In fact, the two languages share significantly higher commonalities all along and some linguists put the similarities even in the daily routine vocabularies to be as high as 35-40%. One of the nine zones in the current Somali Regional State (whose president is the psychopath Abdi Illey) is named Liban Zone which is allegedly bordered on the south by Kenya, on the northwest by the Oromia Regional State, on the northeast by Afder, and on the southeast by Somalia.

According to argaa dhageettii of the Boorana Oromoo, at the heart of today’s Liban Zone in Somali region (around what’s today’s dusty township of Fiiltuu) was what they call “Ardaa Liiban” — a sacred place for the Boorana Gadaa Assembly before it moved over to many other places over many centuries and finally settled at the current place where the famous Gumii Gaayoo assembly takes place every eight years during the Gadaa Baallii (power) transfer in the Gaayoo/Dire? district of the current Boorana Zone.


So for the Boorana, Ardaa Liiban is one of the most sacred districts where some of the most successful Abbaa Gadaas took over power from their predecessors over centuries in history . Interestingly, the Somali Regional State has retained/saved this legendary name in the Boorana Gadaa tradition with one of its administrative zones in the south east, i.e., the “Liban Zone”.

So, for the Oromo and the Somali people, there is no point to engage in an artificially created conflict out of which only TPLF will benefit at the end of the day –as executed by ignorant and psychopath criminals like Abdi Iley who committed war crimes and other crimes against humanity . We lived together for millennia, we shared language and culture, we shared even historical and sacred lands like the one explained above.




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