by Muluken Gebeyew 

Understanding the current protests in Ethiopia

Ethiopians have suffered under TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front) brutal regime for the last quarter of a century. This elite group of Tigraen origin which was  conceived  in the womb of hate and jealousy has  ruled Ethiopians  through its sophisticated oppressive means. From its inception, it was anti-unity, divisive, hate monger and self oriented opportunistic regime. With its small departments created  by adding   prefixes (Amhara,  Oromo and  Southern people) to “blind” people, TPLF ruled Ethiopia under the cover name of EPRDF. It  has led anti democratic regime that denied Ethiopians fundamental human rights in their own country.

TPLF is owned by an  elite  ultra Tigrean and pro-Eritrean secession family members. It doesn’t even represent the Tigray people which itself comprise 6% of Ethiopian population. TPLF shield itself under Tigrean people as if  it’s legitimate representative. The majority Tigraeans in Tigray live under fear and double oppression. They are not allowed to say anything except supporting TPLF. Those who live outside Tigray and in Diaspora, most benefited from the system  and defend TPLF’s merciless killings and brutal crackdown against Ethiopians. They make every effort by hook or crook to sustain TPLF’s rule.

TPLF  created a delusional federal system in Ethiopia with puppets figure heads while its operatives rule under iron fist. It continued its divide and rule policy by fermenting  and  waging violence among different ethnicities, nationalities  and religious members. Its inflammatory polices have made Ethiopians displaced, homeless, dispossessed, unemployed and to flee from their country.

In the last 25 years, TPLF controlled the military, the economy, security, communication   and all part of society through force, intimidation and harassment. The famous  “five to one” controlling system paralysed the public for years .

The Fascist brutal regime has saw seeds of hate, suspicion, disunity, false identity and history. It has established a structure that facilitate its minority regime while majority are left divided, disunited and paranoid of each other. These would create obstacles for smooth transition even after TPLF’s death.

“The strength “of TPLF that helped to stay on power for the last 25 years are as follow;

  • Divide and rule policy ; which makes the majority weak and ruled by minority.
  • Control of the major religious institutions and its leaders by its supporters.
  • Control of the Ethiopian economy, principally the land. All land belong to TPLF.
  • Failure of the different ethnic, religious and political group to understand TPLF’s system of rule, mainly inciting one against another.
  • Ability to use ” Carrot and Stick policy”;  those weak ones who betrayed its own people for bread and money are given “Carrot” in from of land, money, business  to be a spy, servant, and  supporter of the regime; while those who dare to stand firm against TPLF were given “Stick”  in form of killing imprisonment,, harassment etc.

The Ethiopian people have attempted to overthrow this parasitic regime through peaceful means since early.  But TPLF has used its “strength”  to crash every attempt  including the famous 2005  protest ( 1997 Eth Calendar).

TPLF is  severely shaken  by the new generation peaceful struggle  launched in the last one year. The youth, mostly born and  brought up in the last 25 years have rebelled against TPLF’s  ideology, policy and oppressive regime.

The youth in Gonder protest   cracked  the strong wall, the famous TPLF’s “divide and rule policy” when they said “Stop killing our Oromo brothers”, “Oromo’s blood is my blood”.  This galvanised the existing Oromo youth’s peaceful struggle.   The country was caught by spirit of change and the whole Ethiopia  was “on fire”.   TPLF tried every means to quash the struggle but failed. TPLF  forced to launch “State of Emergency”.

Sadly,  some vocal Diaspora political activists poured cold water on the domestic struggle of the youth  by immersing themselves and actively engaging in pro-TPLF activities. Instead of learning from the  past 25 years weakness, once again the Diaspora politicians who consider themselves as “the leader” instead of “supporter” prepared to eat the fruits of the youth’s revolution before it ripe.  Instead of working in partnership and uniting  the  opposition force  against TPLF,  some went far to be in the TPLF casino to play the age old games.  Some declared how to disjoint  Ethiopia;  some others called conferences of single ethnic group  as if the rest of Ethiopian nationals are “foreign” or not oppressed by TPLF led regime. Even those who are known for their Ethiopian agenda shamefully goes to micro division in ethnicity. While people are being imprisoned, killed and tortured; instead of  focusing on  the current burning states and support popular struggle, some of our intellectuals goes back to debate in disgusting way about  the history that happened  hundred  or millennia years ago. This irresponsible act  has given air and strength for the wounded TPLF which was in death bed to  revive and regenerate.

TPLF’s propaganda outlets in Ethiopia and overseas are drumming day and night false rumours, confusion, disinformation, exaggeration, fear and paranoia  with  disorganised thoughts, pressure of speech, grandiose and paranoid delusions. The culprits, mostly paid mercenaries continue the  futile attempt to dampen the struggle of the Ethiopian People against TPLF.

TPLF, of course invested all its resources for such to divide the Diaspora political activism  from  proactively supporting the  popular movement  at home.  TPLF’s paid mercenaries of Ethiopian origin are able to infiltrate the diasporas political activism  and  trapped it in their decade long “divide  them by their ethnicities and religion,  weaken them and rule” policy. TPLF paid millions of dollar  to European and American  agents and lobbyists for  advice on sophisticated oppressing means, espionage  and lobbying.

Ethiopians have to be smart, measured, matured  and human on tackling this uneven road. Ethiopians have to learn from all the mistakes we committed in the last few decades. Ethiopians have to be unite and work together in partnership. A popular well organised and united push from Ethiopians of different nationalities, faiths, educational status, ability, income, gender and  age  will bring the demise of TPLF.

Lets be  free from our personal ego, political and ethnic inclination and be human (who were born in country called Ethiopia on God’s wish; otherwise we would have been born somewhere). Lets give ourselves time for  clean  mind set and listen  the majority of Ethiopians quest. It will show us the light with in the darkness. It will lead us to the end of  the dark tunnel where light is shining. It cleans us from the hate, fear and animosity we are swamped in.

Ethiopians of all nationalities, ethnicities and clans, open your eyes and ears! Think as human and Ethiopian. Narrow nationalism and chauvinism won’t help us. Only unity and working together can save us!

Never abandon those  brothers and sisters at home fighting TPLF’s led regime. Had our forefathers gave up due to the might of Italian military forces, we would have been different people and our identity would have been lost. Never give up the struggle against the oppressive TPLF regime! Let’s  stand and work  together to be owners of our country!


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