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Bring The Ethiopian Government to Justice for Genocidal Crimes Committed Against Oromos

Bizuayehu Haile
Seattle, WA
Bring The Ethiopian Government to Justice for Crimes Committed Against Oromos
Spotlight (background)
The Ethiopian Government has so far extra judicially killed thousands of Oromos and hundreds Amharas for peacefully asking for their constitutional rights. The level of imprisonment without court orders have risen in to tens of thousands (which the Ethiopian Government itself admitted doing) equivalent to just amassing a certain groups without due diligence of the judiciary.
It is a recent phenomenon that several Oromo athletes protested against the Ethiopian Government acts during the recent Olympic in Rio and subsequently several other sporting events raising international awareness and publicity so that the International Community and the World to put pressure on Ethiopian Government for its acts against the Oromos.
Despite all these, he Ethiopian Government genocidal acts have continued to be overlooked which gave the same government to continue its acts directly and most recently indirectly by conducting several more killings, arrests and disappearances of Oromos using the Somali Special Forces.
Several credible International organizations, news media, activist groups, and governments (including the US Government) have made reports, matters of serious concern, and warnings against the Ethiopian Government Acts.



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