The Ogaden Somali Communities around the world commemorated the Ogaden National Memorial Day in remembrance of the Ogaden Somalis massacred by the Ethiopian government in Ogaden. The Attrocities and heinous massacres are still continuing and still affect the people in the Ogaden.

February wa chosen as Ogaden National Memorial month, following the killing of many innocent civilians, mainly women, children and elderly by the hands of the Ethiopian occupying forces in Kebri Dahar, Werder and Godey towns in February 1994.

Ethiopian security forces commit human rights violations including extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detention, rape, torture, disappearance, and the destruction of livelihood, the burning of villagers, confiscation of livestock, land grabbing and forced relocation of the rural communities. Thousands are illegally detained in make shift jails all over the Ogaden.

The Ethiopian authorities have deprived the Ogaden people their civil, political rights and economic rights and have imposed an embargo on trade and aid which severely restricting the movements of NGOs and the people in order to control the Ogaden region. The Ethiopian authorities have sealed off the region to International journalists as well.

The audiences who attended the Memorial day watched videos regarding the Ethiopian government ethnic cleansing policy towards the Somali people in the Ogaden. One of the videos watched was “Ogaden the hidden shame of Ethiopia by Graham Peebles, a British Freelance journalist, who interviewed women victims of rape from the Ogaden.

We never forget the Ogaden civilian victims and the cause for which they have sacrificed their precious lives. We also never forget the Oromo, Sidama, Amhara, Gambella, Afar, Benshangul and the rest of Ethiopians who have been massacred by TPLF/EPRDF’s brutal regime during its 25 years of the reign of terror.



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