The Executive Committee of the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy has conducted its second regular meeting from March 28-29, 2017. It is to be noted People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) is the alliance of five political organizations- the Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement, Gambella People’s Liberation Movement, Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front and Sidama National Liberation Front. The Executive committee heard the report on PAFD’s activities presented by the chairperson and briefing by PAFD Bureaus; in addition, each member organization briefed the EC about their individual activities. The EC, after hearing the report and the briefings, thoroughly discussed items of the agendas set for the meeting.
The EC reviewed PAFD’s strategy and evaluated the implementation of its action plan. The committee, after reviewing the strategy of PAFD and deliberating on overall activities of the alliance, arrived at the following decisions.

The executive committee confirmed that despite the existing internal and external challenges, the alliance has made significant progress in overall performance and has laid solid ground work inside and outside. Concrete results have been achieved over the last year especially in the fields of diplomacy and advocacy, political mobilization as well as in the armed resistance. The EC set new implementation targets and encouraged the Bureaus to meet their goals. The executive committee has also deliberated on the current political situation in Ethiopia. The committee has thoroughly assessed the situation of the TPLF regime and the people’s intensified movement to remove the regime. The regime has practically proved incapable of handling the situation and unable to rule the country.

The peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy believes that the root cause of the current political problems in Ethiopia is that the TPLF led regime imposes undemocratic rule on the rest of the country’s population by depriving their fundamental freedoms and rights under a phony federalism where a single ethnic group is ultra-superior politically, economically and militarily. The current political and social movement by the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia is to break the century old undemocratic and unrepresentative state system.

Nowadays, the monopoly of power and the economy by the TPLF and their financial oligarchy have put the country under the total control of the regime where the ruling party and the state entirely merged. Despite the violent repression by TPLF against the peoples who peacefully demanded for their political rights, democracy, social justice and emancipation has reached a point of no return.

The EC has acknowledged that the TPLF led Ethiopian regime’s decision to declare a state of Emergency as a futile attempt to stop the march of the people for true democracy and freedom. The TPLF regime is trying to rule by instilling fear and terror which is no more tolerable and unacceptable to the peoples in Ethiopia. The oppressed peoples in Ethiopia will not be intimidated by the cowardly inhumane measures the regime is conducting in all parts of Ethiopia, where the popular masses had rebelled against its unjust rule and history is on the side of the oppressed peoples. Such desperate acts will only fuel the crisis and will make the whole situation even more acute.

PAFD believes in a democratic transition that addresses the demands of all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia by promoting a genuine and all-inclusive political order that respects the rights of all peoples. The PAFD executive committee meeting, after assessing and deliberating on the overall situations of other Ethiopian political oppositions’ activities operating inside the country and in the Diaspora, decided and determined to work on a road map acceptable to all the stakeholders that would lay the foundation for an effective platform for an alternative political order in Ethiopia. Such a political order shall be able to bring an end to the recurrent conflicts in Ethiopia.

The PAFD will continue to lead the resistance of peoples in Ethiopia against the heinous rule of the TPLF led regime and calls upon all democratic forces to unite in order to hasten the demise of the undemocratic regime.

The EC categorically condemns the systemic human rights violations that the Ethiopian regime is conducting in Ogaden, Oromia, Sidama, Omo, Konso, Afar, Gambella, Benishangul Amhara and other parts of Ethiopia. The EC, also condemns the TPLF regime attempts to instigate civil wars among neighborly nations in Ethiopia in order to divert attention from its undemocratic rule and human rights violations. The EC calls for the peoples in the country to continue resisting the undemocratic regime in Ethiopia.

The EC believes that unless all stakeholders take effective measures to support a peaceful transition to a representative political order, Ethiopia will turn into another failed state with grave consequences for all concerned.

We again call on the International community to stop aiding this undemocratic and brutal regime and side with the Ethiopian peoples.

Justice and Freedom for the Oppressed Peoples in Ethiopia! PAFD Executive Committee March 29, 2017


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