China, the United States, France, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia … A few months before the 40th anniversary of independence, the president returns to the geopolitical stakes of the region, of which his country has become a key player. On the domestic front, he did not disarm and defended his record against criticism.

Forty events for forty years of independence: on 27 June, from Cape Doumera to the Assamo valley and Lake Abbot to Moucha Island, a whole people will celebrate in great ceremony the anniversary of that day in 1977 when the Territory French of Afars and Issas became the Republic of Djibouti.

Forty years, two presidents –  Hassan Gouled Aptidon , then Ismaïl Omar Guelleh (IOG) since 1999 -, a small million inhabitants, and that way traveled! An adept of authoritarian development, iron hands in a velvet glove, IOG led the unlikely half-barracks state, half-warehouse left by the colonizer on the shores of the new geography of the world.




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