Girma Alemu

At a concert organized in Bahir Dar as a promotional effort to change the name of ‘Dashen Beer’ to ‘Baleageru Beer’ was disrupted by bomb blast and gun fire.

The concert was attended by artist Kuku Sebsbe and Aregahegn Worash. The artists were warned not to participate in the concert by the youth and respect the spilled blood of many brothers and sisters during and in the ongoing public protests and as part of the public disobedience but to no avail.

A loud bomb blast and gun fires were heard near the hall. According to eye witnesses, Kuku was seen running away from the stage perturbed by the bomb blast. The concert organizers started playing the CD of Kuku to appease the crowd but were unable to succeed.

It is to be reminded that, as part of the public disobedience, people have stopped drinking dashen beer and the sale has dramatically decreased. The campaign to change the name and organize concerts is part of the exercise to increase sale and save the company from collapse.


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