By Ali Yare
The World health organization lost it principle and vision by electing the Ethiopian diplomat whom many people believed was the worst choice for this post. Tedros Adhanom, who was one of the architects of the ongoing genocide in Ogaden and other parties of Ethiopia, doesn’t deserve to be in a leadership position in this vast organization. Based on his record, he is the last person to be considered for this job.
Has WHO lost their mind to vote for this unfit individual for the top position? Is the World Organization becoming an organization where tyrants and criminals are condoned?  I don’t believe that the member states who voted for Tedros knew much about him in terms of his past black record. Has he been vetted thoroughly in the process as someone who cares for human rights with good sound of mind could no way voted for him because his past speaks for itself. Moreover, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a visionary leader for this organization where improving world population’s health is priority. There is a Somali saying which says “If you want to repair your shoes, look at the shoes of the person who’s repairing yours”. The wisdom behind this saying is that if the shoes maker’s shoes are in bad condition or in poor shape, it would be better to go to another shoesmaker. What I mean here is that before they chose Tedros as the director general of WHO and put the world’s healthcare system under his leadership, it would be wise for them to look at his regime’s healthcare condition so that this would give them a good picture of him and his capability.
When it comes to healthcare system, Ethiopia ranks in the lowest. And ever since the TPLF came to power in which Tedros was one of the top leaders, the situation of the Ethiopian livelihood has deteriorated. In addition to that Tedros was part of regime in Addis Ababa that brought the Ethiopian people to where they are now. The TPLF leaders, including him are the ones who destroyed the so-called Ethiopian democracy. They dismantled the fabric of the civic society. He also has been an active participant in the worst atrocities and crimes against humanity in Ogaden.
If that is the fact,  I am wondering what WHO is trying benefit from Tedros’s leadership? What do they think he will bring to the organization? To my understanding, World health Organization needs a talented leader who is honest to his/her job and to the people he/she  is serving. An open-minded and far-sighted leader with good vision that grew up in an inclusive environment is the leader that WHO deserves to have in its management not like Tedros Adhoman who was raised at the expense of poor Ethiopians’ wealth.


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