U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California is working hard to renew ties between Eritrea and the US. According to VOA’s reports, the congressman recently submitted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would encourage the U.S. secretary of defense to negotiate with his Eritrean counterpart to cooperate on the war on terror, security in the Red Sea region, confronting Iranian proxies in Yemen and other U.S. security priorities.

Despite rejection of the bill, the congressman pledged that he would continue his efforts. The Republican congressman says he believes it is time for the U.S. to reach out to Eritrea and forge a partnership to fight terrorism.

Dana Rohrabacher is also known in US for advocating stronger ties between the USA and Russia, and a frequent defender of Russia on US cable news. President Putin of Russia is a much-maligned leader in the US and considered by many as dictatorial and corrupt. Few of congressional colleagues of Dana Rohrabacher agree on his unorthodox stands regarding Russia.

Human rights abuses and authoritarian rule have long made Eritrea an international pariah. The U.S. currently has no military-to-military cooperation with the country and, although there is an embassy in the capital, Asmara, there is no U.S. ambassador. Eritrea and many members of its ruling regime are subject to U.N. sanctions, imposed for an unresolved border dispute with Djibouti and the country’s alleged support for Islamist militants in Somalia.

“We should not be just hanging our hats on the side of someone like the Ethiopians and just letting them direct what our policy is,” he said. “Eritrea is in a very strategic location, and it is working with people that I think are very responsible people in terms of the war against terrorists,” said the Congressman.

Source: – VoA news


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