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Congratulations to Ogaden Youth & Students Union and their friends and families for being very serious about the month of April’s – Genocide Prevention Month. They have worked extremely hard organizing several walks to raise awareness and to educate the public about the genocide, ethnic cleansing, gang rape, child soldiers, torture, and starvations happening in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. Boston Public School administrator, super star, professional track and field athlete, Said Ahmed, one the organizers of the three-mile walks, is currently very active on this cause.

This was the first year that this event took place full-grown and caught attention around the world. The event, created by a resolution passed by Massachusetts State Legislature, will soon to be passed by several other states including California, Ohio, Washington, Maine and Minnesota.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, gang rape, child soldiers, torture, and starvation are the most horrific crimes against humanity. It is an unfortunate tiresome theme in human history.

However as much as they strike us with horror, these events inspire us to take action against the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi and his supporters. “Increasing education, spreading awareness and supporting a free and independent press can only prevent these atrocities”, said Mr. Ahmed. “We must encourage people to contact their Governors, Legislators, Senators and the President to sustain our efforts.”

The truth is there are many survivors of genocide, children of survivors, ethnic cleansing, gang rap that are now American Citizens. They are speaking out for those who are voiceless in Ogadenia. We want to draw attention to the serious issues that are happening in Ogadenia and educate the rest of the world about the situation. Many citizens took a step forward and shared their experiences during in Meles’s regime. If you do not know something is happening in Ogadenia then mostly likely, you will not care about it.

Students from Charlestown High School, who participated in the Walks through their club, Students Against Genocide, agree with Mr. Ahmed that raising awareness is the most important way to get involved.

Members of Ogaden Youth & Student Union also kicked off their campaign “I Care about Ogadenia” which took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, May 1. They took were part in the May parade day which had over 3000 participators. Despite the very cold weather conditions, OYSU got approximately a thousand signatures on their petition proposing to bring Meles Zenawi and his followers to international criminal court and to justice. They need 10,000 signatures before the United Nations and the United States will review its cause.

This is a perfect opportunity to join the I CARE Campaign and help raise awareness of the Hidden Genocide in the Ogadenia by purchasing a commemorative T-shirt.  All of the shirts come in the color Black that represents the death of those innocent people who died in this


Hidden Genocide with a Red Bloody handprint representing the bloodshed and killings that are still going on in the Ogadenia. On the back of this t-shirt it says  “STOP the Genocide, STOP the Ethnic Cleansing, STOP the Gang Rape, STOP the Torture, STOP the Starvation, STOP the Abductions, STOP the Child Soldiers, and FREE OGADEN!”  These were the words and sentiments of people from all over the Minneapolis Area who participated the parade on Sunday.

Dr. Laura Hughes, a high school teacher, said that these students hoped their actions would help stop future genocide. “I know that young people have an impact on this world especially when people see that they have an interest.” “It will raise more awareness.” “ “We should add that education in school through classroom teachings and club events would help increase knowledge about the genocide happening places like Ogadenia.”

Freshmen Amy Logan said that young people especially needed to be involved in the movement against genocide, gang rap, torture and starvation.

The three keynote speakers, of The I CARE Campaign, Franklin Kennedy, Mohamed Barrow and Barbara Johnson all stressed the need for people to be involved in stopping genocide, gang rap, and more particularly by speaking to their state representatives.

We need to encourage friends to reach out to their congress people see that their constituents care about this, they will take it seriously when genocide prevention legislature is proposed or ethnic cleansing.

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