September 7, 2017

African Rights Monitor condemns the actions of the Somali Federal
Government and demands that Ethiopia frees Abdikarim Sh. Muse.
Abdikarim Sh. Muse, a Somali national and member of The Ogaden Liberation Front
(ONLF) was handed over to Ethiopian intelligence officers in Mogadishu against his
will by the Somali Federal Government on Agosto 28, 2017. This act violates the
principle of non-refoulement laid out in the 1954 UN-Convention.
Ethiopia is known to be a country, where freedom and justice is not guaranteed for
any dissident or political opponent. Mr. Abdikarim risks torture and a summary
execution. Ethiopia under the AMISOM umbrella has secret service locations
throughout different parts of Somalia, where it has succeeded in creating a proEthiopian
administration hunting down those fleeing persecution from the Ogaden,
Somali region of Ethiopia.
Yesterday’s statement over the refoulement of Mr. Abdikarim read by the Minister of
Information of the Somali Federal Government saying that Somalia and Ethiopia
signed security agreements to hand over anyone recognized as an enemy against
peace is very alarming. This so-called agreement is obtained through special support
from Ethiopian presence in Somalia alongside Somali politicians despite the fact that
the Somali Constitution guarantees the safety of all Somali people in the Horn of
Ethiopia led by the minority Tigray group allows no opposition group to operate
inside the country, they carryout assassinations and kidnappings against any
opponents in neighbouring countries too. Such behavior doesn’t bring peace but
rather, may increase uprising and foster further instability. Ethiopia should release
Abdikarim Sh. Muse and all other political prisoners immediately and look for a
solution for this crisis in a peaceful way.
The Somali Federal Government should respect human rights conventions,
particularly the rights of refugees not to be handed over forcibly to a country where
their lives are in danger and avoid any other acts of illegal refoulement in the future.
The UN political bureau in Somalia, the African Union and Amisom commandement
should ensure that Ethiopia does not abuse it’s Amisom membership over the Somali
people from Ogaden by abducting, harassing and assassinating political leaders in
Somalia who reject Ethiopian political and military domination


African Rights Monitor condemns the actions of the Somali Federal Government and demands that Ethiopia frees Abdikarim Sh. Muse.


Helène Amey


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