Mohamed Hassan, Researcher and Founder of Canadian Center for Ogaden Research and Advocacy (CONCORA)

A highly organized and well attended panel discussion meeting about the importance of uniting the opposition forces, both armed and unarmed, against the current Woyane tyranny in Ethiopia was held in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The meeting was attended by a diverse audience from many Ethiopian and Ogaden communities from many parts of Canada. The auditorium where the meeting was held was full and there were many attendees who had to stand at the entrances.

There were five panellists who dissected the importance and meaning of a unity of purpose for the Ethiopian opposition for more than four hours. All the panellists have agreed that the time for division and endless ‘argument and bickering about who is Ethiopian and who is not; who was more Ethiopian and who was less Ethiopian,’ was long gone. The panellist also articulated why without a united opposition, there was little or no chance at all of ever unseating the ever increasing draconian Woyane rule in Ethiopia.

The panellist who was representing the Ogaden Somali community was not only knowledgeable on the topic on hand, but he was quite eloquent in reminding the audience the need for a united front against the Woyane domination of the Ethiopia.

He went on to postulate that the foundation of any such unity must be based on what he called as the ‘inalienable right for every Ethiopians to decide their own destiny.’  This has attracted the most cheers from the audience who appeared to appreciate the lucidity of the statement being made by this particular panellist.

The Need for Unity against Woyane Tyranny Meeting Held in Toronto
The panellists presented either in full or in part in many languages such as Amhara, Somali, English and Oromo. The audience fully participated in the panel discussion by challenging the panellists’ claims and reasons for wanting to unite the Ethiopian opposition.

There were audience members who questioned how the past wrongs under successive Ethiopian regimes could be reconciled with the need for a unity of purpose among the diverse communities from far away regions such as Gambela, Afar, Ogaden, Oromo and the like.

The panel discussion that started at 2:00 PM was concluded quarter past 7:00 PM. While both the audience and the panellists were oblivious to the length of time that it took for them to dissect this important topic, however

The Need for Unity against Woyane Tyranny Meeting Held in Toronto

they were reminded that the venue needed to be vacated since it was already past the allotted time.

The meeting ended with an agreed upon statement on the proceedings. This statement which was appropriately titled ‘Unity is Power,’ was read aloud by the panel discussion moderator for all attendees to hear.

Many attendees remarked that it was the first time they have seen a diverse panel such as the one present in this meeting to tackle such important, if not somewhat uneasy, topic. These attendees marvelled at the quality of the panellists present in the meeting and the well-articulated statement that captured the essence of the four plus hour discussion.




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  1. Bashir says:

    THis is the kind of Change the Horn of Africa needs.


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