The Ethiopian government has denied medical treatment to Ahmedin Jebel, a leading Ethiopian Muslim scholar who has been tortured time and again since his arrest in 2012, veteran journalist Sadik Ahmed has reported on BBN Radio.

Ahmedin Jebel, a philologist and historian who authored several books, became a household name during the beginning of Ethiopian Muslim protests in 2011 after the government tried to impose ‘Ahbash,’ a brand of Islam imported from Lebanon.

During a stand-off between the government and millions of Ethiopian Muslims who cherish their age-old and home-grown religion of Islam, Ahmedin became an arbitration committee’s public relations officer.

But Ahmedin Jebel, who was along with 18 other colleagues sentenced to up to 22 years in prison, was dragged throwing harrowing episodes of torture and beatings that resulted in kidney-related and bladder hernia conditions.

Sources at St. Paul’s hospital warn that if left untreated, bladder hernia could lead to renal failure, Sadik Ahmed said.

“The painful life of Ahmedin Jebel swings between Kaliti and Qilinto prisons,” Sadik Ahmed said, adding, “he previously suffered gruesome and cruel methods of torture at the notorious Maeklawi prison” in central Addis.

His current critical condition has forced the prisoner of conscience to seek the help of other inmates to get in and out of bed as well as walk to the bathroom. Ahmedin Jebel is widely known for the remark he made before millions of people: “We have no ideology to kill but a faith to die for.”

Despite the relentless government propaganda to smear their excellent reputation, Ethiopian Muslim leaders remain admired and respected by their Christian brethren for the former’s consistent ways of organizing non-violent protests to force the government respect their constitutional rights.

It is a customary practice of the regime in Ethiopia to charge journalists like Eskinder Nega, political leaders like Merera Gudina and Bekele Gerba, and religious leaders like Ahmedin Jebel with fabricated cases of “terrorism” and sentence them to many years in prison.



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