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Appeal to the International Community at London Somali Conference

In the London Conference on Somalia, members of the International Community are trying to find a formula to restore the state of Somalia. The reason why Somalia is in the present predicament comes from both with Somalia and negative influences from its neighbours. For the last 20 years, external intervention has brought only misery to the Somali nation in the Horn of Africa. We hope that the current renewed attention from the international communities would different from previous botched attempts.

Ethiopia is one of the main spoilers in re-establishing the Somali state because Somalis under Ethiopian colonial rule are struggling for their rights and waging an armed Struggle against Ethiopia. Ethiopia is afraid that Somalis in Somalia who share common ancestry and deep-rooted socio-economic ties with their brethren in Ogaden will restart supporting them as they did since Somalia became independent. Therefore, Ethiopia is actively pursuing policies that are fragmenting Somalia into mini-clan fiefdoms warlord and religious enclaves, which it manipulates directly or indirectly.

The Somalis in the Horn of Africa found themselves into this situation, where parts of their society were divided into different parts during the scramble for Africa. In 1946, after the Second World War the British government -Earnest Bevin Plan, proposed that all Somalis be united under one State, but the victorious powers succumbed to the Ethiopian lobby and transferred one the most important parts of the Somali territory to Ethiopia. This ushered the current crisis in the Horn of Africa, which caused Somalia to implode and Ethiopia to be in perpetual war with Somalis in Ogaden. Therefore, it is a necessity that the International Community initiate a comprehensive solution to the Somali problem beyond the borders of Somalia and address the conflict between the Ogaden Somalis and Ethiopia as part of Solution to stabilise Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia is currently conducting scorched earth policy in Ogaden killing thousands of civilians and using rape against the civilian population.  Moreover, Ethiopia has imposed an economic, aid and media embargo on the Ogaden at a time of famine and drought as a weapon of war against UN and international conventions. Trying to resolve the problem in Somalia without a political settlement of the Ogaden conflict will like Sisyphus rolling his rock up the mountain. It is like healing a part of a body while the rest is ailing, a futile attempt. Ogaden people are part of the Somali family and any process that sidelines them is bound to fail. Even Ethiopia is now realising that it needs support in settling the Ogaden question. It recently asked Kenya to mediate between it and Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), which leads the armed struggle in Ogaden. At least International Community shall encourage that attempt, endorse, and support it.

Finally the Coalition of Ogaden civil Societies call upon the international community to pressure Ethiopia to stop its ethnic cleaning practices ad lift the embargo of the Ogaden people or face consequences.

London February 23, 2012


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  1. jama osman says:

    i supported Ogden rights and i have spoken against it in a meeting in Ohio’s state house which they told me they cant help it but i will continue my speaking against Ethiopian forces.


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