The brutal massacre of Somalis in Ogaden by OPDO sponsored Oromo Militia.

Ogaden National Liberation Front

Press Release

The brutal massacre of Somalis in Ogaden by OPDO sponsored Oromo Militia.

For the last few weeks, hundreds of innocent Somali people were wantonly massacred and thousands displaced by Oromo para-military police and militia from Moyale, Nageile, Gindir, Qubi, Mayumuluqo, Mulli, balbalayti, Meiso, Diri-dhabe , Babile and many other villages along the Somali Oromo border. These “police” and militia are employing extreme terror tactics using both guns and machetes such as beheading innocent civilians, including women and children, burning villages and looting of both property and livestock that creates mass exodus.

Many of these displaced Somali victims are in desperate situation and are still exposed to the threats of Oromo Peoples Democratic Organisation (OPDO) police and sponsored militia, without shelter and food, while many perish on the long trek to a relatively safe area. Furthermore, OPDO refused the wounded and displaced civilians to be treated in the hospitals, since they control the towns and hospitals. This is against against both local and international laws.

This para-military killing squards and Militia are armed and guided by OPDO. This inhumane act is part of the great project by EPRDF and the Ethiopian government which is to divert attention from the popular upheaval of the oppressed masses in Ethiopia for their rights. It also involves using the Somali side against the Oromo people to instigate a civil war between the two nations in order to redirect their wrath from the ruthless EPRDF regime ruling Ethiopia.

While all this is happening, the Ethiopian National defence forces who are present in most of these areas, mostly ignore these atrocities, while the regime is claiming that they are there in order to calm the situation. Since Somalis are not represented in both the Federal government led By EPRDF, which OPDO is a member, and are not part of the Ethiopian national defence force, only the Oromo side of the story is highlighted by the Ethiopian Federal establishment.

What is even more worrying is that Oromo intellectuals and foreign diaspora Media is stocking further enmity between Oromos and Somalis, while ONLF has been issuing calls for the two brotherly people to avoid the traps set by the Ethiopian regime.

ONLF categorically condemns the systemic displacement and massacre of the Somali people. At the same time, ONLF condemns any massacre or displacement perpetrated against the Oromo people from a similar establishment of the Ethiopian regime on the Somali side. ONLF calls upon both the Somali people and Oromo people not become pawns of the Ethiopian regime that oppresses both of them.

ONLF calls the international community, the UN, the AU, EU and other regional bodies to pressure the Ethiopian government to back off instigating unending feud between the vulnerable and oppressed peoples in Ethiopia, especially Somalis and Oromo.


Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)



Oromo Para-military killing squads

Displaced Somalis

Somals burying the dead

A Somali man shot dead by OPDO killing squads



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