Kenyan Deputy speaker Hon. Farah Moallim in his interview with K24TV reporter Mr. Jeff Koingange declared the Historic fact that Ethiopia was a colonial power at the time of the African scramble and took part in the Berlin Confrence as a colonial Empire. So he said the Somalis in Ogaden are right to say that this is the last colony in Africa, which is just. So he said, the Ogaden issue is different from the Kenian Somalis issue, and the matual diffence pact between Kenia and Ethiopia was history and is not relevant now, since Somalia is no longer able to ask for Great Somalia. Right now he said; The Ogadenians are fighting for their Independence, the Same way the South African Blacks fought for their independence, the same way the Namibians fought for their independence, which is legal he said becouse Ethiopia was a colonial power.

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  1. Mr.Farah Mo´allim a Mann with unbelieveable Courage,Knowledge and Wisdom.a Mann talking only the Truth.a very Charming and a likeable Politician.I enjoyed to watch his Interview by Jeff K. Thank you

  2. what mr Hon. Farah Mo’alim said is what we have already known but the difference is the spoken tongue.

  3. Maqaabul Boy says:

    Hon.Farah Moalim is one of the best politicians that the Ogaden clan has ever produced! But unfortunately, the Ogaden people do not support their qualified leaders!
    Well done mudane Faarax Macalin


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