The refugees fled Ethiopia, risking their lives. Shortly before their boat reached the coast in the early morning of 6 June, it was overturned by high waves. At least 46 of them lost their lives.

The boat was overloaded with at least 100 Ethiopians when it left the port of Bossaso in Somalia the day before in the direction of Yemen. On board were 83 men and 17 women. According to reports, all were Ethiopians.

Survivors reported to the IOM that the majority had not got life jackets from the smugglers. When the high waves began to fill the boat with water, panic is said to have broken out. Many people crowded to one side of the boat – then it was seized by a wave and capsized around 5 o’clock in the morning.

Mohammed Abdiker, head of the IOM mission in Yemen, spoke of a “tragedy” that is currently happening in the Gulf of Aden. “More than 7,000 desperate migrants are taking this dangerous journey each month. They are treated inhumanely, like slaves. That has to end. “Says Abdiker.


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