Since it was confirmed that there’s a natural gas and oil in Ogaden soul most of world powers like Germany China US and Britain competed to be the master and beneficiaries of that resource.

There have been many attempt to extract it but it was failed to be done due to apparent reasons.
There’s been several clashes and battles on that soul resulting many casualties loss of lives and animosity.

Thousand of people of that land had been displaced many were killed and others were jailed.
The indigenous people of that land have never been asked their will towards their land and resources.

The Ogaden National liberation front have warned repeatedly any survey and extraction of Ogaden resource until lasting solution is made by the owner of the land with invaders.

Ethiopian government has ignored the warns and declarations made by ONLF. The people of Ogaden region and freedom fighters ONLF are again warning to those attempting to steal the properties and resources of Ogaden Somali people.

We urge and call upon the international community including UN EU and AU to act accordingly.
Invasion repression occupation and marginalization can’t be accepted by anyone in 21st century.
East africa needs peace and tranquility through dialogue and negotiations with out preconditions.
We as Ogaden Soomaali people wants peace co-existence and love with our African Ethiopian fellows.

Our land and resources can’t be stolen by anyone yet we are ready to make sacrifices and peaceful solution of East African communities.

By Mohamad Zuber.


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