Asmara, Eritrea
July 7, 2018

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) held its third National Congress successfully from 1st to 7th July, 2018, in Dekamhare, Eritrea. The Congress was attended by members of ONLF Central Committee, delegates from the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA), representatives of families from ONLF martyrs, delegates from Ogaden provinces and districts, delegates from Ogaden communities in the diaspora, Ogaden Women’s Association, Ogaden Youth and Student’s Union, delegates from Ogaden Islamic scholars and clergies, representatives from Ogaden elders, distinguished guests from Ogaden scholars, parliamentarians from Federal Democratic Republic of Somalia, representatives from Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) – namely the Ogaden National Liberation Front(ONLF), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF), Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), Somali Regional Democratic Alliance (SRDA), Patriotic Ginbot 7 and Tigray People’s Liberation Movement (TPDM).

The National Congress received messages of support from diverse organizations and individuals who wished for the Somali people in Ogaden, success, peace and freedom. Among those who sent messages of support were dignitaries from the State of Eritrea, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organization (UNPO) and its diverse 48 members from Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim, SORTU of the Basque People in Spain, members of the Parliament of Somalia, members of Djibouti political parties, members of Kenyan facilitation team on ONLF-Ethiopia Negotiations, Conciliation Resources (CR) that supported ONLF in its negotiations with the Ethiopian Government, presidents of the regional states in Somalia, Ogaden People’s Rights Organization, Ogaden Human Rights Council, and scholars from Ogaden International Support Group.
The National Congress was held at a critical moment in the history of the Ogaden, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa where momentous upheavals, wars and changes that are reshaping the political and social fabric of all the peoples and states in the Horn of Africa and its immediate regions are in progress. In addition, similar drastic changes in political, economic, social and climate change in the wider world is having unprecedented impact.

The Congress, having deliberated on the process of the national people’s resistance spear-headed by the ONLF, analyzing the objective conditions that affect the progress of the people’s struggle, the Ethiopian government strategies, the regional and international changes that affect the situation in Ogaden, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, has: Set up appropriate strategies and priorities that would capitalize on emerging opportunities, using existing strengths and face existing and impending threats while mitigating identified weaknesses Critically examined the effectiveness and efficiency of statutes, bylaws, structure and process of the ONLF and its affiliated associations and instituted appropriate developments Carefully listened to the suggestions and proposals recommended by delegates and wider Somali people who included relevant input into the decision-making process


Mindful of the current development in Ethiopia and the initiatives suggested by the new prime minister and following political and security developments in Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, and Kenya Understanding that colonial powers erroneously recognized the fictitious claims of Menelik to the Somali territory in 19th century and after the defeat of Italy it was forcefully lumped into Ethiopia without the consent and will of the Somali people Highlighting the fact that the grievance of the Somali people in regard to the adverse colonial relationship between them and Ethiopian Empire state was never properly addressed, by any regime in Ethiopia.

Conscious of dire consequences and never-ending conflicts and wars that had devastated all concerned and resulted in immeasurable loss of life and property Reiterating that the Somali people in Ogaden have unconditional right to national self-determination recognized both under international law and the current Ethiopian constitution Acknowledging that all previous regimes in Ethiopia committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against the defenseless innocent Somali people in Ogaden including systematic marginalization Affirming that the Somali people attempted to exercise a measure of self-determination during the transitional period in Ethiopia in 1991 and set up the first democratically elected self-government in Ogaden in accordance with the transitional charter Averring that TPLF illegally attacked ONLF which was the majority party and disbanded the Somali self-government in 1994, in violation of the transitional charter and imposing on the Somali people a fictitious self-government populated by un-elected representative selected by TPLF handlers.

Noting that the TPLF Led regime despite its claim of granting all peoples in Ethiopia the exercise of self-determination, turned Ethiopia into one of the most oppressive states in the world Stating categorically that the TPLF kept the Somali territory of Ogaden under undeclared Emergency Law for the last 25 years in a state of war and committed genocide in Ogaden that destroyed the fabric of the Somali society causing immeasurable sufferings, loss of lives, forceful migrations and utter degradations.

Affirming that the current so-called Somali regional Administration in the Somali region, which is controlled by TPLF and led by Criminal Abdi Ilay has and is still committing Genocide in Ogaden
Recognizing the dramatic changes that are happening in Ethiopia which was triggered by the Somali people’s heroic resistance against TPLF Oppression for more than a decade and culminated in the Oromo people’s uprising that that demolished TPLF hegemony in Ethiopia.

Appreciative the significance of the peoples’ revolution in Ethiopia that resulted in the ascension to power of the new prime minister as a historic victory of the oppressed in Ethiopia.

Observing that the new prime minister has taken bold positive steps that could pave the way for expansion of political space and peaceful exercise of the democratic rights of all peoples
Recognizing that a genuine process that can lead to a fundamental change in the Ethiopian political scene that will be able to address the underlying root-causes that brought Ethiopia to the present political fiasco will be initiated Cognizant of the fact that the woes of Ethiopia cannot be solved simply by any one particular nation or people and calling for a comprehensive dialogue of all stakeholders in Ethiopia.

Reaffirming the indomitable will of the Somali people in Ogaden to stand for their identity, dignity and God given sovereignty and continually resist any attempt to curtail those rights Upholding ONLF principled policy of seeking the rights of exercise of self-determination of the Somali people from Ethiopia through constructive peaceful means whenever such an opportunity is available
Re-affirming adherence to PAFD alliance principles and accords.

Recognizing the significance of the Ethiopia’s acceptance of the implementation of the Algiers Agreement and the initiation of Eritrea-Ethiopia dialogue Considering the call for negotiations between the ONLF and the Ethiopian Government and the lifting of illegitimate designation of the ONLF and other liberation fronts as terrorists.


Congratulates the heroic Somali people in Ogaden and the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) in Ogaden in their gallant and steadfast struggle against Ethiopian occupation and oppression:
Calls upon:

• the Somali people to strengthen their resolve and continue the struggle for their rights.
• the Somali people to rise up against the TPLF instituted regime in the Somali region.
• the Somali, Oromo and Afar peoples to join hands and stop the TPLF-instigated conflicts along their respective borders and take effective measures to support each other against any oppressors that kept them under shackles.
• the Somali people in the Horn of Africa to continue supporting the just and noble cause of Somalis in Ogaden.
• the Ethiopian government led by the new Prime Minister to take effective and immediate measures that stops all human rights violations in Ogaden by dismantling all repressive mechanisms instituted by the TPLF regime and returning power to the people.
• the international community and institutions to understand the current situation in Ethiopia and help all concerned peoples and government to achieve a viable political settlement


Gratitude to the Government of State of Eritrean under the sound leadership of President Isaias Afwerke and the Eritrean people for their unwavering support to the just cause of the Somali people in Ogaden Welcome to international human rights organizations and non-governmental organizations who highlighted the crimes perpetrated by the Ethiopian regime in Ogaden against the innocent civilians Somali people of Ogaden.

Appreciation of PAFD members for their steadfast mutual common stance against the TPLF regime and all of those involved in supporting the ONLF’s quest for the right of the Somali people in Ogaden without which the Horn of Africa will remain unstable and in continuous conflict.


Committing the gravest crimes against the Somali people in Ogaden since the arrival of Ethiopian occupation in the Ogaden since the Second World War Instigating ethnic conflicts between neighbouring nations in Ethiopia in order to prolong their dictatorial rule in Ethiopia Still using Abdi Ilay and his cohorts in the Somali region in an attempt to stop the wind of change in Ethiopia and create more enmity for the Somali people.

Finally, the Third ONLF National Congress welcomes the call for negotiations from the new prime minister as a matter of principle in order to address the core issues that are the underlying root-causes of the conflict, in a neutral venue with the presence of credible, neutral third parties and is willing to pursue the rights of the Somali people through peaceful means if such possibility arises.

Declarations Of The 3rd National Congress Of The Ogaden National Liberation Front.

Asmara, Eritrea.
July 7, 2018.


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